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Bet on Great Content, not on tricks...

Thanks to companies that primarily sell search engine optimization (SEO), most new online entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations of SEO as being somehow “magical.” There’s no magic to it at all, and in fact when you’re just starting out, SEO services should not even top your list of priorities. Instead, take a serious look at SEO a few months down the road, after you’ve figured out exactly what it is your business is trying to do.

Despite what the name suggests, SEO really means optimization of your site to be friendlier to search engines. Search engines use mechanisms called “spiders” that routinely visit websites. They may find a site directly (for example, if you submitted your website to Google) or by following links to it from other sites. Considering the size of the worldwide web, a spider encounters an immense amount of data in its travels, so making sure your website can be easily discovered is paramount. Remember, a search engine can analyze, index and organize information about your business only if it knows where to find it!

However, beware of SEO companies that promise “instant results,” “guaranteed top 10” placements and similar nonsense. The impression is that a few “magic moves” applied to the SEO process—injecting tags and arranging content in a special way—will score higher with search engines. The point is, even if you were to get more visitors, it’s your site’s job to convert the visits to sales. When sales don’t appear as the SEO company has led you to believe, they’ll point to your website and the fine print in their Terms of Service.

There are four good reasons not to buy into this sort of scheme:

First, forget about coming out on top in search engine results, especially at the beginning—and especially in saturated markets. There’s no need to play games with the SEO process when you have the options of positioning your products for discovery in prominent catalogs or through online reviews.

Second, for a small business, the number of times you show up in search engine results does not exactly translate into better sales. For large companies and established brands, it’s different. For newcomers and small companies, in order to receive profit-generating traffic, it’s a better bet to become associated with trustworthy sites such as those owned by prominent online catalogs.

Third, search engine customers are not direct shoppers. The overwhelming majority are researching, gathering information before shopping at trusted, established locations, either online or at a physical store. There’s a good reason retail space in shopping malls is so expensive and in demand. Similarly, there’s a reason Amazon dominates among online shopping venues. That’s where your online placements should be. If potential customers run across one of your products on a trusted site like Amazon, they’ll visit your website to learn more. That’s a sure way to draw shoppers to your business, not just visitors who show up by accident.  

Fourth, SEO “magic” is in fact based on a short list of unsophisticated tricks. Search engines quickly uncover these tricks, but sometimes not before the SEO company has locked you into a costly subscription. The time when search engines digested everything they were fed is long over. Search engines of today are not only super-intelligent, capable of sophisticated semantic analysis, cross-checking of references, and many other advanced approaches, they work with a base of practically unlimited information.

All search engines are businesses too...

All search engines are businesses, too, competing for high-quality results as they sell advertisements along with organic searches. To produce these results, they evaluate the content of your website, looking for relevance, originality, presentation and other components. Great content, original, interesting and up-to-date writing, meaningful blog posts, useful product reviews, trusted references—these are things that will greatly contribute to your site’s position in search results.
Search engines can’t afford to peddle second-rate results to their customers, and they will purge your site if it does not meet certain standards. That’s why you should concentrate on content, not on tricks. The traditional scheme that has always worked for any business — product → support → reputation → word-of-mouth — works for any online business, too. Good standing comes with time and persistence. Each good submission scores a bit for your business, and so it is that little by little your business will gain in prestige and presence.

With your PRIZIX subscription, you receive full range of SEO services. Once the content of your online business is in place, PRIZIX will provide thorough SEO analysis and additional optimization suggestions for FREE to make sure you meet the most stringent search engine standards.

Craft of Search

“Craft of Search” is a division of PRIZIX entirely focused on improving your company ranking with search engines. We are experienced and expert in SEO. We go way beyond of traditional SEO set of tricks or marketing in social media. We don’t believe that search engines are the primary or lasting means for bringing real clients to your online business. For manufacturers and online merchants placing products into online retail catalogs is by far more efficient. Carefully crafted SEO strategy is capable of amplifying effect of online retail catalogs. The overwhelming majority of general web traffic to websites is driven by the commercial search engines such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Altavista, Ask and many other. Although social media activities are beneficial to your website popularity, search engines is remaining the primary method of navigation by majority of Internet users. This is true for websites offering all kinds of information, services, or products.

Search engines are extremely intelligent, but even they require help to be effective. All major search engines constantly improve their web-crawling technology. SEO efforts can be effective in promoting your website to thousands of visitors.
Well designed SEO helps boosting website rankings by placing its content in relevant, easy to find locations. The online marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, and those companies that use online product placements alongside the SEO, gain advantage in quality visitors and sales.

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