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To have sales you must have visitors!

Your online business needs as much high-quality traffic and online exposure as possible. In today’s world, a business that doesn’t have a substantial web presence will find it almost impossible to survive. With competition in all markets already so tough and becoming ever more intense, people must be able to find information about your business in the most efficient manner possible.

We work hard for your site to be easy to find!

You’ve got to be prominent in search engine results, and that means not only having your own fully functional website, but getting linked in meaningful ways to catalogs, blogs and other websites that are going to pop up in response to searches by people who are likely customers for whatever it is you’re selling.

Attracting visitors takes persistence! 

Many new business owners believe that simply having a website or blog will automatically give them the exposure they need to succeed, but in fact it takes persistent marketing and advertising. This is where PRIZIX comes in, with its full range of services to help you promote your online venture. We offer a complete strategy and variety of powerful, integrated tools to enable you to build a prominent, valuable and long-lasting presence on the web.

All-in-one account

Your PRIZIX subscription buys you superb value, including search engine optimization (SEO), and opens gates to catalog placements, online review services and directory submissions, just to name a few options. We do our best to position you so that search engines end up handling a lot of the marketing challenge for you.

e-Mail marketing

PRIZIX has been helping small and mid-size businesses for over a decade. Now it’s your turn. 10.000 email monthly submissions is included with your account! Your full ownership on all collected data, and complete integration, allows you to use existing customers information for your campaigns.  Need new prospects? Use our World Wide Business Database Service and get highly targeted email lists specially tailored for your business. Use customizable and professionally designed forms or build your own.

Manage bounces and subscribers and grow your email lists! Easily slice and dice your subscribers into lists based on gender, age, preferences, location, and other factors, to send targeted emails. Manage your campaigns with detailed reports showing sends and delivers, opens and clicks, etc. Use automated workflows to save time and improve relationship with your customers. Schedule your campaigns for delayed delivery and run them automatically!

Web SEO service

For over ten years, PRIZIX  INC. has been one of the most innovative professional search engine optimization and social media marketing firms, providing services to small and medium size businesses. Our legitimate search engine optimization techniques and unique methodologies have helped numerous of online businesses achieve top rankings on major search engines.

Effective and True

At PRIZIX we understand your disappointment. When your online business isn't ranking or bringing new customers the way you feel it should, it's a good cause for concerns. We've grown few businesses through successful search engine marketing and know being on the front page of search results is very important to your success. We’re here to get you more quality visitors and turn them into customers. We are here to ultimately grow your online business and prove a return on your investment..

Social media tools

You don’t have to be an expert in social media. Instead, turn a shared experience and the power of thriving community into traffic using social media marketing campaigns for business. Get people talking and help your business get booming with our social media techniques. Connect with customers, gather feedback and ideas. Grow your private and unlimited database, and drive sales with online incentives. Listen, publish, and advertise across social media sites and services. We can help you start, grow, and manage your community and social media presence.

We submit your site to directories!

Manual submissions into online directories is amongst technically simplest ways to get your site indexed by search engines. Directory submissions allow you to get relevant and good quality back links easily.
Users do not use online directories these days. Directory submission means one thing only: fast and relevant one way back links. Unfortunately, like any other link building activity it is very time consuming and prone to errors. So let us take care!

Web Review Service

When doing business online, it really hurts when potential customers refuse your business because of what they read about your company or product online. Our Online Review Service will produce and publish truthful positive reviews for deserving products and services.  Today, businesses are defined by what appear on numerous review sites. Many companies lose lots of dollars each day because of deliberately false reviews and misleading opinions. Negative reviews come from competitors or misinformed customers and the impact can be devastating. PRIZIX Online Review Service can help to maintain great reputation for you brand and products .

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