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Available Worldwide in: Deutsch | Français | Español | Italiano | Русский | עִברִית | العربية | 葡萄牙语 | 日本語

We operate both small and large studios, and both are located in downtown Chicago. Our terrific city offers countless opportunities for intellectual explorations and artistic discoveries. Some of the nation's best artists, coaches, trainers, teachers and musicians are found here. Chicago has always provided a beautiful and welcoming home for anyone who is gifted, talented and striving for more.
Technologically as well as artistically, our studios are on the cutting edge. We have the creativity, superior development skills, and knowledge to support our top-quality studio hardware/software. Using our expertise with modern digital studio recording, composing, visualization and presentation techniques mixed with our creativity, in collaboration with experts many different subjects, we develop and produce a wide range of projects.Our first educational and technology training projects, received great market response. To a great degree its astounding success permitted us to pursue further developments.

We have solid business relationships with many working musicians. PRIZIX offers unmatched publishing opportunities for musicians.

Our knowledge and experience when it comes to producing educational and performance programs are unmatched in the industry.
Since 2007, all production has been done using High Definition only. We own a complete production cycle and distribution network, including high-volume network TV.

Since 2011 we also produce in 3D.

Our expertise in sound and video led us naturally to produce the world's first complete training in multimedia production. "Introduction to Sound" for beginners is still unmatched in depth and scope.  Even as a "pilot" or "sketch" production, it was warmly accepted by its audience.

Pursuing every opportunity to produce fresh and novel subjects, we are releasing the world's first multimedia training on video surveillance as well as many other highly anticipated technology subjects.



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