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All Is Included with one low monthly payment

The Scent of Money is an easy-to-use Premium Online Business Account with a host of unique and valuable privileges. It’s a flexible, all-in-one subscription designed for the realities of what you need to start and maintain a profitable online business. 

e-Commerce gives you plenty...

Your normal e-Commerce account privileges include our Online Business Builder with complete e-commerce for physical and downloadable products, a web store, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing with capacity for 10,000 monthly emails, an automated database of customers, a broad selection of payment gateways, and various shipping options. As if that rich array of features weren’t enough, you also get 10 secure hosted email accounts of 5Gb each, with calendar and file sharing capabilities! This allows you to set up your email accounts with professional configurations like or You’ll have access to unlimited aliases, so you can give the impression that your company is much larger than it really is. Another valuable bonus is that you can host an unlimited number of domains, each pointing to any page of your website! You’ll appreciate the superb support we provide, which includes click-by-click video training.

...but Scent of Money Delivers Much More

As if all this functionality didn’t give you plenty to work with, Scent of Money delivers much more to help you jump start your business. The following services attached to your subscription at no additional cost represent a value of up to $40,000 annually: placement of your product into third-party retail catalogs, access to business databases, UPC codes for your products, search engine optimization (SEO), online review services, submission of your business to Internet directories, social media management, and enhancements of your web front.

If you’re serious about running an online business the right way, set yourself up now with a Scent of Money account. This “members-only” online business club includes a FREE annual business training seminar—a $980 value!.

"Scent of Money" gets e-Commerce

Doing business online today requires much more than just a web page with a “buy it now” button. You need a fully functional online business and not just a website or web store.

Our online businesses integrate all of the following into one seamless experience: a web front, an online store, online web forms, a payment gateway integration, shipping services integration, an automated customer database, a customer relationship management system, an email marketing system, a reporting system, and hosted calendar, email and file sharing.

"Scent of Money" gets e-Placement

The key component to commercial success of an online business is high visibility. Once product descriptions and images are finalized, the next step is to place your products into major online retail catalogs. Unless you sell items that are unsuitable for placement, you must take this essential step, because new products from an unknown brand need credibility.

"Scent of Money" gets Web-Exposure

Your online business needs as much high-quality traffic and online exposure as possible. In today’s world, a business that doesn’t have a substantial web presence will find it almost impossible to survive. With competition in all markets already so tough and becoming ever more intense, people must be able to find information about your business in the most efficient manner possible.

"Scent of Money" gets Multimedia

Get Video, get sound, get animation, get photography, get 3D features, get it all from award winning firm and get business results!
Display the most attractive side of your products and let your brand shine with high quality product photography, video presentations, audio programs, 3D features, graphic and web design. We create a new generation of media and software publications and business presentations.

"Scent of Money" gets e-Publishing

Content is what we publish here at PRIZIX INC., in every digital form imaginable: digital audio and video in various loss-less and compressed formats, static and animated digital graphics, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, online TV, and video on demand (directly and via online delivery services)..

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