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Experience and Reputation

As a leading Business Multimedia Production Company, we perform a complete line of professional digital imaging with a focus on product photography production services for web. PRIZIX creates superior quality product images, corporate training images, slideshows and web-integrated multimedia productions. Our professional imaging services are frequently used for new products presentations and service announcements, technical and business meetings, seminars, symposiums, and corporate training sessions. Our digital picture solutions for web and multimedia include: in-studio product and on-location services.

Fate of Your Product Depends on Quality of its Images

The digital photography industry today is booming as a result of extraordinary advances in technology of last decade. Nowadays solutions made it easier to capture, edit, process and share images. With millions of digital cameras in private hands today, it is no surprise that everyone from layperson to seasoned professional call themselves “photographers”. When success of your product is depended on quality of its images, taking professional quality pictures requires the skill and experience of a qualified professional photographer.

For high-quality, detailed digital images of your products that can enhance printed and web presentations, opt for PRIZIX services: company that has paved the path in the digital product photography. PRIZIX Multimedia pioneered extensive use of digital photography for various corporate products and services. Decades of experience has given us a strong business sense for imaging which communicate effectively with customers, partners, investors, colleagues and employees.

How online product photography service works?

Step 1. You purchase product photography package according to your needs. 
The online ordering is easy. Simply purchase a package for the number of items you require photographed and specify size of your products and number of shots for each.  

Step 2.  Ship your items to PRIZIX
Soon after submission of your order the confirmation email will arrive. Now you carefully pack up all the items that you need to be photographed and ship them to our address. All product shipments to PRIZIX must be insured for their full value and have tracking information. The address to ship:

Step 3.  We receive the shipment
Once your products are received here in studio, we will open the box and inspect the package. We will check the items to ensure there has been no damage in transit. Once safe arrival is verified, we will send you a confirmation email. During cold seasons we open boxes on next day after arrival, when it reached room temperature and to prevent condensation. 

Step 4.  We photograph your items in our studio
We constantly strive to ensure the exceptional quality of work we produce. Your products will be photographed in PRIZIX state of the art product studio by our staff professional photographer who has over 30 years of experience.
Step 5.  We review and enhance the images
After the studio session is completed and products are photographed, the images are reviewed for quality, edited and retouched for optimal quality.

Step 6.  You review and approve the proofs
When your images are ready, you will receive an email with proofs for your evaluation. You have to either approve your order, or requests changes. The order can be cancelled if the images do not meet your expectations. The order can be cancelled before any final files are delivered to you. 

Step 7.  We ship back your items
After photographic session is completed, your items will be carefully packed and shipped back using your shipping account number or pre-paid shipping label. 

Step 8. We complete your order
We will email you the instructions and link to download your images. Also, we will mail to you backup DVD with your images.

Your business can rely on the skill, experience and technique of our professional product photography services. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Pledge to gain your trust and to win your business.

We realize that working online with a product photography studio might be an unexpected approach for you. Before the final images will be delivered to you, we will provide proofing copies for your approval. If at the proofing stage you are not happy with your product images and we are unable to correct them to your satisfaction, you have the option to cancel your order. In case of cancellation no final files will be delivered and there will be no photography charges to you.

High quality product photography

We are engaged into professional product photography for over a decade. Our digital images are rated among the best that appear in and international catalogs. We produce sharp, vivid and detailed product images that complies with regulations in various online retail catalogs.
PRIZIX offers professional studio product photography services based in Chicago, IL.  We know what it takes to capture marketable and effective photographs of your products.  Great photography makes all the difference, it has the ability to sell. A striking product images created by professional studio can makes the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.  
Whether you are displaying your products in Amazon catalogs, your website, eBay store or printed brochure, your products are portrayed in a clear and distinctive way.

How's about 3D product pictures?

Stepping beyond classic product photography, we capable of producing truly amazing 3D images. Today 3D images can be viewed by millions upscale customers and even broader audience on YouTube. 3D presentations are especially valuable for fashion, jewelry,  designer items and luxury real estate. 

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