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Create a constant source of recurrent income!

Take an advantage of unprecedented partnership opportunities for dynamic organizations or agency like yours. The Web Commerce market—encompassing opportunities for energetic, all-in-one business solutions for small and medium size businesses—is growing exponentially. Establishing a relationship with PRIZIX is the best and fastest way to build your company's reputation as an innovator in this highly lucrative online business solutions sector. We offer a wealth of resources, programs and incentives to help you succeed, to build your own business and loyal customer base and reliable source of profit.

Why should I join this program?

PRIZIX Partners play an integral part in the experience of PRIZIX customers, from the sales cycle to customer education to the implementation of Web Commerce solutions and various other services from the PRIZIX portfolio of products. Your build a broad network of customers based on recurrent payments.  Your influence over customer purchases is rewarded on monthly basis, helping you grow your business while focusing on your role as a trusted advisor and point of contact to your customers. We provide all the actual work. Partner resources and seminars help build your expertise in Web Commerce, online business integration, creative services, online marketing, products placement and new media publishing.

Membership levels

Entry Partner

The entry level program is intended for your first year of partnership and available to partners with any level of expertise in PRIZIX Web Commerce, Catalog Placement, Web Exposure and Publishing solutions, as well as resellers of any size who want to add PRIZIX products to their solution offerings.
Details: $400 to join, “Entry Level Exam” to pass, earn 5% on all your customers’ recurrent payments for first year. The partnership includes complete custom Web Marketing solution for your business, portfolio, fliers and promotional materials.

Standard Partner

After successful initial year as Entry Partner, a Partner who demonstrates high level of expertise and commitment to PRIZIX solutions joins our Standard Partner level program. Standard Partners receive additional sales leads and funds to build their business, and work closely with PRIZIX to successfully deliver solutions to customers.
Details: $999 to join (and annually), “Standard Level Exam” to pass, earn 10% on all your customers’ recurrent payments. The partnership includes complete custom Web Business (3 users) solution for your business, portfolio, fliers and promotional materials.                 

Premium Partner

Partners who demonstrate the highest level of expertise and commitment to the entire PRIZIX portfolio of products as a core part of their business, have a well-established PRIZIX practice, and work closely with PRIZIX on sales, implementation and consulting engagements.
Details: $1999 to join (and annually), “Premium Level Exam” to pass, earn 20% on all your customers’ recurrent payments. The partnership includes complete custom Web Business (5 users ) solution for your business, portfolio, fliers and promotional materials.

What are the benefits of being a PRIZIX Partner?

When you join the PRIZIX Partner Network, you receive extensive benefits to help you better serve your customers, strengthen your skills and build your business.

  • Recurrent payment from all products and services sold
  • Best in industry resale margins to build your revenue and profitability
  • Numerous professional services and maintenance opportunities
  • Convenient, included in your membership training
  • Access to the PRIZIX Partner training resources and web repositories
  • Comprehensive sales support, marketing tools
  • Your business will be Included in Partner Locator
  • Lead generation for customers in your geographical area
  • Technical training forums
  • Monetary rewards through PRIZIX referral programs
  • Ability to participate in PRIZIX events such as PRIZIX EXPO and Seminars
  • Ready-made PRIZIX Partner logo for print and web

How to join?

Apply now to be considered for the PRIZIX Partner program. Please fill out a request on Business Contacts page, then pay the fee associated with the plan of your choice and pass the exam.
You can upgrade your partnership level anytime when you ready.

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