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Relevant Reviews Across Entire Web

The PRIZIX' Online Review Service is unique and valuable. This service is intended to help small businesses that produce quality products and services score highly visible, relevant reviews across the entire web. Genuine, favorable reviews have proven to be an extremely valuable component of online marketing and reputation management. This is because search engines quickly pick up legitimate reviews as high-quality organic backlinks, a surefire way to build your brand’s online presence.

Organic Customer Satisfaction

No other tool or method produces as much buyer’s confidence as do good reviews. These days, it’s almost impossible to sell anything in a saturated market if the item isn't properly and positively reviewed. Reviews are unique in that they share in a natural, organic way not only a sense of overall quality and customer satisfaction but also personal feelings and experiences, something that other potential buyers can relate to on an emotional level.

Manage the Reputation

Data shows that on average only one in about eighty satisfied customers will take the time to write a positive review of a product or shopping experience. One in eighty! On the other hand, over eighty percent of dissatisfied customers will take the time and effort to share their displeasure. This may not be fair, but it is a reality. As a business owner, you cannot afford to devote your time and money to damage control, so to address this imbalance, PRIZIX offers you a chance to build a base of genuine, quality reviews for your products.

Let Our Reviews Sell Your Products

Consider the fact that to earn sales, you need positive reviews, but to receive even one actual good review, in theory you need to sell eighty items to satisfied customers. This is easier said than done when you are starting out and potential buyers are not familiar with your product or service. So the PRIZIX Online Review Service is available to generate positive reviews for deserving products and services.

Truthful and High Quality Positive Reviews

The key here is that PRIZIX reviews are well deserved and legitimate. Our service does not produce fake, unfair or negative reviews. The product or service submitted for review is analyzed and/or tried and carefully documented by using our very sophisticated proprietary method. When the product or service meets the threshold of quality assurance, it goes to a professional writer, who in collaboration with a tester will produce a review according to the specifications. While we never publish negative reviews, if a product or service does not meet the quality assurance threshold, we will refrain from reviewing it.

Be in Control!

Reviews can make or break your business. That’s why we created Online Review Service: to help you manage your online reputation is persistent and professional way. It is much better to maintain and improve your reputation on daily basis rather than respond to emergencies.  Be in control of what your customers and competitors are saying online.
Good Reviews can make your business. The bad ones can break it. That’s why you need Online Review Service.

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