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Websites are Dead! Start Online Business

Doing business online today requires much more than just a web page with a “buy it now” button. You need a fully functional online business and not just a website or web store. Let the Online Business Builder to work for you and make such a business a reality in few minutes! The best online businesses integrate all of the following into one seamless experience: a web front, an online store, online web forms, a payment gateway, shipping services, an automated customer database, a customer relationship management system, an email marketing system, a reporting system, and hosted calendar, email and file sharing. All these components our Online Business Builder will implement for you in just few clicks.We offer 30-days FREE trial, no credit card is required. Try it, you will be amazed by its elegance and functionality!

Convert Ideas into Online Business

PRIZIX Inc. offers the opportunity to convert mere ideas, as well as knowledge and experience, into marketable final products and presentations. We are leading the way into a new era where valuable information can be presented in the most efficient, easy-to-access manner. We believe that humanity’s amazing creations such as the TV, Computer and Internet may be used for the publishing of a really valuable pool of high-quality media products that will enrich and embellish our existence, ultimately bringing prosperity to all parts of the world.

PRIZIX is committed to empowering its users and employees through multimedia products and business services that inspire people to make a positive impact on their communities.

PRIZIX connects people with knowledge, cultural and scientific information through our products and services. 

Long before incorporated, PRIZIX began as a hobby and has evolved into a global business multimedia company that is changing the way businesses communicate valuable information about products and services. We create a new generation of media and software publications and business presentations.

PRIZIX provides business solutions for seekers and carriers of advanced content by linking advanced multimedia production technology and revolutionary new publishing techniques. We distill the best from all available sources of advanced cultural, technical, scientific and entertaining information to advance your product or presentation. Today, PRIZIX has become the hub for creativity and knowledge, a place where companies and entrepreneurs embed their valuable insights and ideas into comprehensive presentations. PRIZIX is one of very few outlets where originality and talent are welcomed and marketable.

If there's one thing you do today, get your business online!

Whether you sell products and services online or not, in today’s world your business must have a corporate presence on the Internet. Otherwise, as you must have noticed that if you tell people that your company does not have a website they simply don’t take your business seriously. A well-engineered corporate site definitely improves the image of a company especially if it has great products and services for online business. 
Every business should have an online presence. And every day you and your business are not on The Web means money lost and missed opportunities for new business.
Online presence can be a great way to enhance the exposure of your business and take it operations to the next level. It has never been easier to discover a larger customer base. There are many ways of increasing exposure and promote your products or services in an effective manner.  Online marketing is the most-effective one.

Ten years of rock solid reputation.

PRIZIX has established a solid reputation as an innovative product, industry, and technology leader worldwide for soon 10 years. A stable, privately held and family owned company, PRIZIX believes and investing in the future rather than relying on short-term projects. PRIZIX success is a result of our perseverance, unique creative and inventive culture.
PRIZIX sets high standards for its products and operations alike. The company has earned a reputation for integrity and ethical practices in its interactions with customers, suppliers, and the communities in which it operates. PRIZIX's tradition of product reliability and integrity stems from the same fundamental commitment to fairness, a principle ingrained in PRIZIX's corporate culture.

We are company of thinkers, creators and innovators!

Founded in 2004 and with numerous web and multimedia projects completed, PRIZIX is an innovative, knowledge-driven business multimedia company focused on developing online business solutions and valued content-based assets. PRIZIX rich multimedia solutions help companies and entrepreneurs dramatically increase their exposure to opportunity while reducing costs and business risk.

We are an American Company!

Headquartered in Chicago' amazing downtown, PRIZIX has business activities in Canada, Great Britain,  France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Our customer base is around the globe. All our products and services are made with pride in the United States of America.

PRIZIX INC. is an established, registered (in good standing) and legally operated business with a real physical address, studio and office space, manufacturing facility and Customer Care department. In recognition of our constant strive for excellent service and product quality, PRIZIX is double-awarded with highly regarded "Top of Amazon" title! We are proud to offer best in business services, terms and prices.

The Integration 

PRIZIX provides business solutions for entrepreneurs asking for comprehensive online solutions. As fully featured multimedia production firm we connect carriers of advanced content by linking advanced multimedia production technology and revolutionary new publishing techniques. We distill the best from all available sources of advanced cultural, technical, scientific and entertaining information to advance your product or presentation.
Today, PRIZIX has become the hub for creativity and knowledge, a place where companies and entrepreneurs embed their valuable insights and ideas into comprehensive presentations. PRIZIX is one of very few outlets where originality and talent are welcomed and marketable.


Over the years, PRIZIX has earned awards for its multimedia products and business performance along with our respect within the creative community.
Far more important than any award, however, is the reality that everyone here at PRIZIX embraces by solving the requirements of our customers. 

On the edge

Technologically as well as artistically, our studios are on the cutting edge. We have the creativity, superior development skills, and knowledge to support our top-quality studio hardware/software.
Using our expertise with modern digital studio recording, composing, visualization and presentation techniques mixed with our creativity, in collaboration with experts many different subjects, we develop and produce a wide range of projects.Our first educational and technology training projects, received great market response. To a great degree its astounding success permitted us to pursue further developments.


From A to Z service:

We offer complete range of services to conduct easy to manage and flexible to operate online business. PRIZIX services include product promotion, catalog placement, multimedia production, e-Learning  solutions, mobile applications for  your business and media publishing services. We provide reliable 24/7 Customer Care experience and guarantee 99.995% up-time for connectivity and power into our servers.


  • Start Online Business with our easy to use and highly flexible Online Business Builder. You can build online business of your dream in minutes!
  • It will takes you only few hours to customize your online business with pictures and texts that describe your business.
  • Start your online store by simply typing in your products and attaching images.
  • You can sell anything from physical items to downloads, subscriptions and online memberships


  • We provide absolutely unique service of placing your products into most important online catalogs!
  • It gives to your product and brand instant recognition, puts them in all search engines and drives highest quality traffic to your online business.
  • Placing products is online catalogs gives your products world-wide exposure and opens them to new opportunities.
  • Catalog placement provides most valuable and persistent online presence for all qualified products.

Web Exposure Services

  • We perform full range of web exposure services from search engines optimization to directories placement.
  • Social media tools may offer serious opportunities when performed by the experts. We offer unmatched diligence, expertise and knowledge on the subject.
  • Let your products shine with our Online Review Service. There is no better online marketing tool exists than quality and trusted online product review.
  • Our service will propagate review for deserving products into countless review sites, blogs and forums. 


  • Target your audience with specially crafted video presentations, slideshows, interactive documents and striking web design.


  • Reach audiences beyond accidental browsing. Reach your prospects with audio books and pod-casts, online video and DVDs, online training and mobile applications.


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