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Place your products into retail catalogs.
It is the most important marketing step.

The key component to commercial success of an online business is high visibility. Once product descriptions and images are finalized, the next step is to place your products into major online catalogs. Unless you sell items that are unsuitable for placement, you must take this essential step, because new products from an unknown brand need credibility.

PRIZIX offers comprehensive services for placing your products into all major online retail catalogs. As your partner in helping you succeed, we roll up our sleeves and do all the work to submit your products properly and in the most efficient manner possible. We have years of experience doing this and are completely knowledgeable about the technical and business requirements of submitting your products to high-profile online catalogs and activating such listings.

One of the best ways of getting your brand seen by your target audience is to get your products placed into major online catalogs. This tried-and-true strategy is based on honest, long-term business considerations where everyone benefits. You provide the catalogs with valuable information about your products. In return, you gain additional opportunities to sell, a prominence for your products, recognition for your brand, and high-quality traffic to your online business. Your PRIZIX subscription will be invaluable, offering you product placements and the online tools to make the most of this opportunity.

8 very compelling reasons to place all your products in online retail catalogs

Selling your product in a prominent Internet catalogs and supported by online multimedia campaign could be even more dynamic than a TV commercial, and more impressive than landing on the shelves of a nationally recognizable store. There are many indisputable advantages to a small company with no name recognition and limited resources.
1. First and foremost, you make your product known to very large audiences! Until potential customers become aware of your product they aren't going to buy it. Catalogs serve an important role in getting the word out. Today’ online catalogs can represent your product in many ways with great products images, slideshows, stories, video presentations and even simulated functionality!   
2. By placing product into major retail catalogs you start compete with the “big boys”. Catalogs provide a level playing field for the huge corporation and tiny startup. Your brand and products gain recognition and reputation by association with established brands and sell on their merits.
3. Unlike old days, you don’t need an entire line of products for placement and there are no “catalog buying committees” for online catalogs placement. It means that tiny one-product company is not at a disadvantage as it is when trying to get shelf space.
4. You keep your risk at minimum and benefits at maximum. Most online retails catalogs will retain your products indefinitely until you cancel which provides constant demand and traffic to your website. Placement requires properly formatted product presentation, description, images and PRIZIX will take care of that. The only associated cost is to insert your product into catalogs and maintain the portfolio. 
5. You see the actual demand and grow at a manageable pace. Online retail catalogs mostly operate on “we sell, you ship” basis, in other words “by demand”.  You may expect relatively small orders when your product is first introduced, so you are not immediately overwhelmed with orders you can’t fulfill. Orders will fluctuate with seasons and increase gradually over time, you can adopt for the growing demand.
6. As you maintain direct control over your product presentation and price it can be tested in different markets. By placing your product in various categories, you can target different segments of the marketplace and determine who your best customers are. As always, knowing your “best customer” is crucial in implementing successful email marketing campaigns.
7. You get national (and international) exposure and gain credibility. Having your product appear in an established and widely recognized catalogs can help you get sales through your own website! Online retail catalogs offer startups and small companies exposure to hundreds of millions of potential customers around the world. Sometimes products that can’t find a good market in US sell very well in Europe, Middle East, Asia or Latin America! You never know until you try!
8. Doing business via online catalogs can be extremely profitable and you can make a lot of money. Online catalogs sales are over $100 billion annually and steadily growing. Just a fraction of this gigantic market can still amount to significant revenues and open doors into other marketing programs.
For aforementioned reasons, online retail catalogs are a logical first step on the road to a broader marketing exposure. There is no other marketing option with this level of exposure as readily available and affordable. The benefits are especially significant to the struggling startup that watches every dollar spent.

Once your products has sold well in a number of online catalogs you’ll see some cash flow and can increase production. You will see inquires for your products from online retailers looking to broader their product selection. From humble beginnings online retail catalogs can propel your company toward success.

Sell in USA already? Do Amazon Europe!

We will make your products appear in all major online retail catalogs such as and other.
Amazon is by far the largest, most active online marketplace in the European Union. The Amazon presence serving the vast population includes Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Austria, Amazon France, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain. Imagine—access to 500 million Europeans in one fast-paced marketplace, many of those potential shoppers well educated and affluent.
Amazon Europe’s catalogs are enormous and demand the most exacting search parameters. In fact, Amazon itself is not merely a marketplace but is also a very powerful and popular search engine that is integrated directly into many browsers. Amazon Europe is very active in promoting its British, French, German, Italian and Spanish catalogs of products to all other major search engines, including Google and Bing-Yahoo. 

While the substantial US market offers wonderful sales opportunities for your online business, the world market is even larger and more diverse. Reaching potential customers and promoting a brand in remote countries used to be extremely expensive, a luxury for a privileged few large corporations. But when you place your products into European national catalogs, you gain international exposure that extends far beyond Europe itself.
Placing your products on Amazon China, Amazon India and Amazon Japan provides businesses of all sizes very compelling sales channels.  We can help you to list an unlimited number of products in Amazon catalogs.  PRIZIX’ advancements and investment in online business technologies, constant search for effective innovations, generous network traffic, top quality storage, pre-set seller accounts and a secure payment all results in pleasant online experience. 

We will make your products to appear in many markets and languages!

By presenting your products overseas, your brand gains international recognition and distinctive status. We will translate your products descriptions to all corresponding languages and comply with all local requirements.

Customers speaking Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, English Languages will become your prospects!

Sell your products Worldwide!

International online retail catalogs offer business opportunities beyond domestic. By placing your products into global retail catalogs you automatically promote them to hundreds of search engines world wide. Your products will appear in  search results of all major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Altavista, Amazon and many others.
If your business sells products that are suitable for online retail catalogs, it is essential that you get listed in their catalog. This is by far the most efficient and professional way to promote your products and your brand.
When you list your products with online retail catalogs, your business can look forward not only to broader exposure and greater recognition but also to receiving streams of new customers to your own website. This is your chance to please shoppers with better prices, bundled offers, free shipments, discount codes, great customer service, a better selection of colors and sizes, free bonuses, etc.
Not surprisingly, the more products you place in the catalog, the better your chances for success are. Making top-quality, targeted submissions to on-line catalogs is a highly technical process that demands skilled, professional attention. You've come to the right place, though, because our “all-in-one” approach, which puts all the pieces of the puzzle in place for you, we provide catalog submissions.

You are in good hands!
PRIZIX is repeatedly awarded by Amazon!

Making top-quality, targeted submissions to an on-line catalog is a highly technical process that demands skilled, professional attention. 
Over the years, PRIZIX has become expert at navigating Amazon’s complex submission process and idiosyncrasies, including the ability to work effectively with Amazon’s database records. Since 2008, year after year we have earned recognition as an Amazon “Featured Merchant” and “Top Holiday Seller"”

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