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You want Online Business not a web-store. Please let us show the difference.

Doing business online today requires much more than just a web page with a “buy it now” button. You need a fully functional online business and not just a website or web store. Let our expert automated Online Business Builder to work for you and make such a business a reality.
The best online businesses integrate all of the following into one seamless experience: a web front, an online store, online web forms, a payment gateway integration, shipping services integration, an automated customer database, a customer relationship management system, an email marketing system, a reporting system, and hosted calendar, email and file sharing. If some of these components are new to you, you might ask why you even need them.

See how online business operates

Well, consider how a proper, full-featured online business operates. For starters, web pages appeal to potential customers with attractive content. If set up properly, they allow a visitor to easily browse your site, with its blogs, forums and product descriptions. Your customers can find secure forms for inquiring about products and services. An integrated payment gateway connects your merchant accounts to your online business. Transactions can conveniently be transferred from country to country with currency conversions. You can offer various shipping services in different price ranges. You can sell products, services, downloads, subscriptions, access to special areas of your site, memberships. You control everything.

Anytime a customer pays for an item or sends you a message, you can be notified by email or by SMS. Your customer’s details will automatically be recorded into your database so you can contact or email them later. Automated email marketing lets you quickly schedule one-time or repeat campaigns, and a reporting system lets you choose the recipients. You can see statistics about your customers and visitors, about their shopping habits and their shipping preferences.
You can tap into every opportunity in a thoroughly organized manner that makes the most of your marketing dollar. For example, in just a few clicks you can generate a list of customers who buy holiday gifts in the $40-to-$60 price range and submit it for a targeted email campaign.
With our program, you can create your own coupons, set up cross-selling, and design your own network of affiliates. You own all of the data, and because it is automated, you can use it in any way you see fit. If a customer requests service, the system will automatically create a case ID for tracking by email or SMS.
An online business includes secure and professional email accounts  (e.g., with secure IMAP/POP/Web access and calendar systems. You can access your business email from your smartphone, any email program, Microsoft Outlook or via a web interface. All these features and many others are unified by one logically arranged interface. If more than one person is involved in your business operations, you can create sub-accounts with access limited to delegated duties like typing product descriptions or setting up shipments.
As if all this functionality didn't give you plenty to work with, PRIZIX  "all-in-one" account delivers much more to help you jump start your business. The following services are available to our subscribers at additional discount represent tremendous value. We provide product photography, placement of your product into third-party retail catalogs, access to business databases, UPC codes for your products, search engine optimization (SEO), online review services, submission of your business to Internet directories, social media management, video presentation for your products, monthly 10.000 in e-mail marketing campaigns and enhancements of your web front.

Does this sound like a dream? 

For a long time this sort of setup was indeed a luxury available only to the largest and wealthiest companies with hundreds of professionals employed by IT departments. Today we are pleased to offer you this dream, including ALL online business functionality starting at only $119.95 a month for 3 users account!

Shopping Card is not Online Business!

One thing you do not want to do is confuse a web cart with an online business. You can find scores of web carts offered on the web, but there is a huge difference between one of these primitive add-ons and a true, fully functional online business. A web cart is software that needs to be attached to a website. For example, say you've set up a few web pages with a free service and want to sell online, but your website doesn't have web shopping cart functionality. You’re forced to subscribe to a web cart account to attach to your pages.
Attempts like this always look unprofessional and amateurish. Not only that, you can’t capture information about your customers, which means you miss out on opportunities to cross-sell, sell memberships, work with affiliates, conduct email campaigns and so much more.
Web carts may have been appropriate a decade ago but not today. Shoppers tend to avoid them. Many companies that offer web carts essentially sell thin air, because they use open-source (means free) cart software. They can’t control development of that software nor can they adequately support it. All web carts restrict the number of products you can sell, the number of monthly visits, and what you are allowed to sell, none of which makes good business sense.
As if all this weren't enough to make you run in the other direction, web carts are not portable. Once built, they can't be moved to another service or provider. You’ll be forced to pay whatever the service charges, and if you leave them, you could lose your store. Just like that, all your hard work gone! Web carts have their own policies and control everything. With such limited functionality and so many drawbacks, this sort of approach represents no savings for you at all. Compare that with what you get from us for the same price or less—a total online business experience with everything integrated, not just one function like a cart.

We offer only the best!

Now consider your alternatives with PRIZIX, where you’ll find an honest and loyal partner in helping you develop a profitable business. Keep in mind that your success drives our success. We are a Premium Partner of Adobe Business Catalyst, giving you access to that program’s wealth of features. We operate eight of the world’s finest data-centers in the United States, Europe and Asia/Australia, ready to offer you one of the things your online business needs most: speed—and the satisfied customers that come with that.

Best Data Centers for online business!

We host your online business on eight world' best, most advanced, backed up, redundant and fully supported data centers. To serve customers in USA and Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia our data centers offer unparalleled system and network connectivity performance. All data centers are fully staffed with highly trained and dedicated professionals standing by 24/7.

We always keep your business up to date, but it is never your concern!

Unlike any other solutions, we do not take your Online Business down for updates or upgrades! We always keep it up to date with most advanced infrastructure and system solutions. You should never be concerned about software components of your business. All required licenses, updates and upgrades which happen on regular basis are absolutely transparent. 

Prudent web pages changes!

Our system lets you having two versions for each of your pages: production and development! For example, while your older page is still working, you can have it reworked, and when you are satisfied with its look and functionality, you promote it to become your actual production page! And it is not a gimmick. You can securely preview your work in progress, so no one will see your changes until you approve them.

Live Online Editing!

Your can edit your online content directly without paying to anyone! The included feature "Live Editor" let you directly edit web pages of your Online Business in "what your is what you get" style. Just click "Update" button when you are satisfied with your changes and you done! The fresh page will be displayed to all your visitors.

You own and keep all the data!

All information that your customers enter from their personal data as name or address  to financial information, such as business cards numbers, belong to you. All the information is automatically collected into appropriate databases owned by you. You can download and port this data as your business requires. We withhold nothing from you. Unlike countless "online cart" services that keep this information from you, we not only provide it all, but we arrange the data for you in convenient and orderly fashion. You can use collected names and email for your automated marketing campaigns. Email marketing is also included in your account.

Receive email from  your customers, not from spammers!

As a part of your business, you get complete "online forms" secured communication solution! This solution is equipped with beautiful and sophisticated  "captcha" feature which prevents undesired email submissions. You can easily configure this feature for more or less complexity to balance security and convenience.

All included: Secure IMAP/POP3/Web Email, Calendar and File Share features!

Save TONS of money! You get professional secured private email solution. Complete account for every user on your account! If your account includes 10 users, each gets professional, configurable professional email account as a part of your online business subscription. Compare it to $4-6 per account for Google or Office365 services!


  • Secure Web interface
  • Professional Web Address 
  • IMAP and POP access
  • Access your email on any computer or mobile device
  • Generous email storage


  • Personal, Shared and Group calendar features
  • Import, Export and Subscribe to popular calendar services.
  • Keep it as simple or as complex as you want.

File Share

  • Share your files with colleagues or customers.
  • Avoid needless email attachments. 

e-Mail Marketing? 10.000 is included! 

Unlike other services, we don't send you elsewhere for email marketing! eMail marketing is an integral part of your account and it comes with unbelievable 10.000 monthly submissions included! All your email marketing campaigns are fully autoimated, have access to your database of customers and can run immediately or on schedule as you wish.

No limits! Place as many products in your store as  business requires!

That's right! We do not punish you for a success! Please have as many products listed in as many catalogs as your business requires! You can have different catalogs served on different domains as different stores, all within one account! We do not cut into your profits at all! Your monthly fee ia all you pay to us.

It is all integrated into one seamless solution!

Integration is key Word. We do not offer to you our dear friend and fellow entrepreneur a bunch of unrelated and poorly tied together services. What we offer to you is a rock solid, the only platform that lets you sell anything , instantly get a feedback, instantly react to changes on market, stock situation and your working environment. You can live in USA or Bangalore and run your business in Honk-Kong or Moscow. We will provide all services, resources and support for your business. We do our best to deserve your next monthly payment.

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