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Online Directories: the myths and the reality...

With the rise of search engines, web directories—basically sets of online bookmarks arranged by subject—have acquired a different kind of significance than they used to have. They were the first way that information about websites was organized, and at one time they represented the major way of finding valuable web content. These days they play a crucial role in promoting websites into higher positions in search engine results. Well-maintained directories do represent a sophisticated array of information, and for that reason they are routinely visited by search engine “spiders” that are looking for new, high-quality web submissions.

Among the thousands of directories today, some are commercial, others nonprofit. They vary widely in prominence, from being immediately recognizable to where almost no one recognizes the name. And they vary widely in quality.

One problem is that many directories rarely purge their entries. Owners of low-quality websites—including outright scam artists—focus on attaching themselves to such directories. At first appearance, the number of links to the website makes it seem more legitimate or active than it really is. Over time, so much in the way of dead sites, junk, spam and scam submissions has migrated to such directories as to make the directories themselves low-quality and, for all practical purposes, useless.
So relying only on directories as a way of discovering sites has become so inefficient that few people spend their time anymore using them to look for websites. Even prominent directories like Yahoo don't see much use in the traditional sense. One of the things that determines a website’s value to a search engine is the quality of its backlinks. A backlink is a link to a website from other websites, and that is what these so-called spiders look for. Spiders constantly browse millions of websites to discovers these backlinks. More backlinks to a website indicates greater popularity and, it may be assumed, a higher quality of content. This leads to higher scores in search results. The key to this building-block process is that the links must be organic and of a certain quality.
Simply submitting a website to too many directories at once will backfire. In earlier times, it was easy to “game” what was essentially a system of numbers, but not anymore. These days, search engine technology is sophisticated enough to instantly recognize when new backlinks have been artificially introduced. Smart search engines will purge a website with such links. You want to make sure your website is linked gradually through legitimate activities such as catalog placements, reviews, regular content updates, and connections to well-regarded social media sites.
Both free and commercial directories are available for submissions. Commercial directories usually charge an annual fee for your site’s inclusion. They advertise themselves as a source of higher quality and more selective information, but some say the quality of data in these paid directories is of questionable value to a website owner. After all, the main goal of a commercial directory is to promote itself.
Free directories are numerous and vary in quality, too. Some try to attract high-quality websites, sometimes by including just specific categories, while other free directories are not very selective at all about who they will include. Some directories close submissions of new sites from time to time. Depending on the nature of your business, you may expect an approval rate of between 20 percent and 80 percent for directory submissions, quite a wide range.
PRIZIX provides you with carefully targeted directory submissions! We work thousands of directories world-wide in order to place your links into appropriate locations. We offer manual submissions at very reasonable rates.

What is directory submission service?

It is the process of submitting any website's link to so-called “web directories”, “online directories” or “Internet directories”. This process involves submitting a brief description along with a website’ title. For best SEO effect both title and description should be keyword rich. The main objective of this activity is to create high quality backlinks for websites.
This method potentially can produce hundreds of good quality backlinks. It must be said that the effectiveness of this SEO strategy depends to a larger degree on the diligence of link building company in performing this service. PRIZIX has been in the SEO industry for about ten years and one of the most popular services from our portfolio is online directory submission service.

Manual Directory submission is important!

We are often asked if our submission service is automated or manual.  There is difference between these two types of submissions. As the names suggest, with manual directory submission your website is submitted to every directory by hand, and if the submission is automated, it will be submitted to hundreds of directories by a software in just a single click. Automated submissions are used by spammers to submit inappropriate websites to multiple categories and damage the integrity of the online directories.
Manual submission, while it’s tedious and time consuming, is the most prudent approach which results in highest approval rates. PRIZIX guarantees customers 100% manual directory submissions. You will get the maximum number of links possible from each package you choose.

Inexpensive and Effective!"

Using online website directories is a well established methodology for building back links to a website. Directories provide websites with more exposure on Internet and help with search engine optimization (SEO). The more back links to your website, the better! Submitting your website to online directories is one of effective and economical approaches of online marketing.

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