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Loyally serve our customer since 2004

We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We believe that “customer’s loyalty” actually means our loyalty to customers, not otherwise!  You will feel a personal touch in every communication.

We never do “copy-paste” replies. All communications are from person to person. In the unlikely event you experience difficulty with a product for any reason, all your purchases from PRIZIX are 100% covered by warranty. We offer instant exchange on all media products!

Business Hours 

Our normal business hours are between 9 am. and 5 pm. CST (in fact we are guilty of overworking, so it is not very unusual to find us there even until midnight). We operate from downtown Chicago, a terrific city we love for its great architecture, museums, libraries, monuments, river, lake front, shopping, restaurants, pubs and clubs, its open and free-minded people and its jazz.

There are many ways to get in touch with us. We are available via: email, phone and mail correspondence. We treasure every message we receive and reply promptly to all relevant inquiries.

Support Options

Our staff of technical, design and online product specialists provides full range of customer support services. Our dedicated specialists handle customer requests on orders and functionality of PRIZIX products. In addition, our creative professionals  can help to identify design issues and develop online business solutions.

PRIZIX customers receive convenient access to entire range of support options: F.A.Q., reference library, forums, step-by-step videos, online training and product information. Our customers receive 24/7 access to on-line mechanism to post and review trouble ticket, all through our online portal.
All customers can join online communities where they will gain access to recorded webinars, presentations and newsletters that help them use our products effectively.


Our comprehensive F.A.Q. is updated  on weekly schedule and answers  essential questions about our products, projects, terms and licenses.

How to Videos

Check out our video library. It’s full of step-by-step tutorials, features demonstrations, tips and tricks, great advice, and more..

Online Training

All PRIZIX selected courses are interactive and led by notable professionals and experts in their corresponding subjects. Each online student receives full access to lesson and practice exercises. All students may return to watching previous content, lessons and exercises, for unlimited number of times. Our students also receive thirty days and three included attempts for passing certification exams. Additional attempts are available.
Our online training is highly valuable and fully interactive. You won’t simply be watching the instructor during the training. You’ll be completing exercises and working on quizzes. 

Reference Library

Need a help with your online business, new project or online presentation? Came up with new business idea and need product and market research? Need a reference on graphic or web design? PRIZIX customers can access our online reference library of carefully selected materials.

Support Forums

Discuss, inquire, engage, collaborate, co-author, and share with your fellow online business owners on any PRIZIX technology and solutions in technical support forums. Join and participate the ongoing technical support forums in our online communities. Arrange and attend our live and local business networking events

Contact Support

Not sure how to get your online business started? Looking for new opportunities or tips on how to grow your business? Need a change on a web page? Whatever question you have, PRIZIX's expert technology experts and support specialists are here to help you succeed—whether you're an online business expert and longtime customer, or just beginning your first free trial.

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