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Online Business Plans to meet Online Business Models

Businesses have different online needs, depending on the entrepreneur’s business model. Many businesses sell online, but others don’t. For example, some restaurants accept online orders and some prefer not to, using their websites instead as superb window displays. Manufacturers of complex machinery, whose sales procedures involve detailed contracts, use their websites for presentation and education related to their products but do not accept online orders. Many businesses, most notably real estate agents, require advanced email marketing capabilities to communicate new listings to clients but don't sell anything from their sites. Online retailers require a full spectrum of online functionality, and the largest of such enterprises make full use of specialized online capabilities.

PRIZIX offers accounts to suit any kind of business.

Regardless of the nature of your business, you’ll pay only for the functionality that you need and use. Most important, if you want to offer additional business features in the future, you can easily upgrade your account. You can conveniently manage your new capabilities in your account’s control panel.

Meet Our Online Business Accounts

Following is a brief description of the accounts we offer. The complete list of features is too long to include here, but we’ll be more than happy to provide further details about any of our plans. Your satisfaction is our main concern, so we want to make sure we go into this with the best fit in mind for your business.

Web Essentials - the best for brochure style web presence!

Web Essentials is an account for a business that needs a brochure-type website and keeps its email separate with other services. This account makes full use of web forms to allow your visitors to send inquiries, supports phones and tablets, and includes social media sharing features. If you don't sell from your site or use a simple PayPal button, and use an email account hosted elsewhere (on Gmail, Yahoo,, Office365, etc.), this may be all you need.

This is the account best suited for a classic web presence that provides information about products and services. It provides interactivity with web forms. In the beginning, many small businesses will keep their emails with public services like, or and need a robust platform to start working on their web content. Many businesses that need a separate website for distinctive projects often use this kind of account. Many users of Adobe Muse prefer this option as it provides a platform for their elaborate designs.

Web Core - web presence tools for your entire team!  

Web Core Account includes all features of “Web Essentials” but adds email accounts and a dynamic menu builder! You get 10 full-featured email accounts of 5Gb each, with IMAP/POP and web access, calendar and file sharing. You also get a great menu-building tool so you can build your website in a professional manner. This easy-to-use program lets you arrange web pages in a relevant, logical way.

This account is a great choice for a new business, since it gives you a web presence and professional email (e.g.,, calendar and file-sharing capabilities for up to 10 team members. The email services included with this account are absolutely free, compared with other email hosting services that may charge from $4 to $20 for each user account!

Web Marketing - full online presence and all marketing features!

Our Online Marketing account goes much further by adding practically every feature a business could want except for online selling. It lets you create customer bases automatically (or manually) and run creative email marketing campaigns. This option includes hosted blogs, forums and a wealth of other features for a business that requires a robust online presence but does not sell online. Real estate firms and agencies are ideal customers for this kind of account, which gives you so much quality and value for a small price.

Web Commerce - unrestricted online business account! 

PRIZIX also offers three levels of e-Commerce accounts, each of which provides you with complete, unrestricted functionality. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of products, catalogs or customers. The only difference between these accounts is the number of users who will change and manage the web part of the online business. There is no difference in the number of email accounts. You still get 10 full-featured email accounts with 5Gb each (more available if required).

If your business requires less than 3 persons who changes the website’s appearance, writes blogs, or posts on the forums, (three logins at a time), the 3-user account e-Commerce is all you need.

If you require more people to manage the web part of your online business, file new products, arrange shipments, etc. and they have to work at the same time as one another, then you’ll want to sign up for a e-Commerce 5 or e-Commerce10 account.

Some Great Features:

Fully featured Content Management System lets you easily create and edit your web pages and product description.
Professional Site Analytics presents all the information about your site visitors, they habits, location and profiling. 
Easy to use Web Forms for customer requests and payment processing let you collect information you need.
Social Media Sharing features lets you incorporate most powerful social media tools right into web pages.
Phone and Tablet Support automatically recognizes devices and provides both Mobile Web redirection methods. 
Convenient File Manager and SFTP access let you securely connect and manipulate files right on the site.
Dynamic Menu Builder let you to create and edit all of the site menus in easy and robust ways.
Powerful Blogging Engine allows you to create any number of blogs right on your website.
Automatic Customer Database is supreme feature that collects all customer data and let you to reuse them. 
Email Marketing Engine is lets you create beautiful promotional emails and send them out manually or automatically. 
Powerful Forum Features lets you create Web Forums right on your website. 
Built-in Supported Modules provide you with fully supported solution.
Superb E-Commerce Platform is the best Web-Commerce platform in existence, most flexible and fully featured. 
Sell goods, downloads, memberships or events! Sell anything you want and in any combination.
Comprehensive Business Reporting provides your with integrated fully featured reporting system.
Full CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is fully featured ticketing system!
Automatic tracking of Events and Requests allow you to keep track on everything that happens in your business!
Custom Web Application let you create custom database and integrate it into your web results!
Cloud Storage, to sell downloads and to store all your documents: from 50GB to 4Tb
Web Storage: up to 5GB let you you store website of any size.
Web Bandwidth: 1TB per month let you stream as much traffic to your website as you can get.
Simultaneous Users: up to 10 let you have a real business where you delegate duties and control everything. 
Hosted Email Accounts: up to 50 (5GB each), 150GB total provides you with professional solution.
Email Marketing: up to 10,000 per month, to promote your products and services and drive sales.
SMS to notify of events: up to 50 per month let you have instant notifications of important events.
Full support for Adobe Dreamweaver and Muse gives you an ultimate choice of tools and technologies to use.  

What is the difference? PRIZIX vs. Others

When you look for a host for your online business, you’ll find plenty of companies offering low-cost services. Many will make false claims about “unlimited” traffic or storage or overwhelm you with irrelevant features. But think about what you really need for your online business. How much space do you need to host it? For a graphics-rich, enhanced and optimized website, 30Mb is perfectly adequate. The website you are browsing right now, with all of its pages and graphics, requires less than 10Mb!

How much traffic is included in your account is also irrelevant, because few businesses actually require that kind of volume. What does matter is where your website is hosted, whether it is on the Internet’s backbone or on its outskirts. Not surprisingly, servers located on the backbone can be reached easily from everywhere and provide the fastest service. Those located on the outskirts are not so fast, often have bottlenecks, and are known for offering “unlimited traffic.” Even if you needed “unlimited traffic,” having access to it from such a location would do you little good.

Speaking of storage for your website, because of physical limitations, 100Mb allocated on the Internet’s backbone is immensely more useful than 100Gb elsewhere. Your website needs to be like an expensive sports car: light and fast, with cool features, and reliable. Your host’s proximity to the backbone and the number of datacenters available will make a huge difference in the way your web pages load, especially those with images and slide shows.

Many providers have only a single datacenter or a datacenter in just one geographic location. That means if you are a European business with a provider based in the United States, your customer connections will have to travel across the ocean and through many networks to reach the servers. The slower connections will make a bad impression on your visitors, and you can’t afford that. PRIZIX has superb dedicated datacenters on backbones in all the major Geo-zones—the United States, Europe, and Asia/Australia—and you decide which ones you want to use to reach your target markets most efficiently.

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